Real Estate is such a vast business, it's really difficult to know what your options really are.  Unfortunately, there are plenty of unscrupulous Real Estate professionals AND investors who are only after what is best for them.  The fact is, in every real estate deal there is a win-win scenario that can be reached for everyone involved.

Can you really buy my house for cash?

Yes, we really can!  Between personal resources, business lines of credit, private investors, partners, etc., we have the capability to purchase just about any home for cash and close the deal quickly.

Why should I deal with you instead of a typical real estate agent?

Most (not all) real estate agents want to buy/sell a house regardless of what is best for you.  They are also limited to a traditional transaction, which is a slow and very expensive process and may not work for everyone's situation.  If your home is in reasonable to great condition and you have a few months to go through the selling process, then perhaps a traditional sale will work best for you.  For those who don't have either of those luxuries, we have other solutions to help.

We are both licensed in California to buy/sell real estate and can help with a traditional sale if that is your preference.

Loren Anderson - California BRE ID - 02006080 (BHHS California Properties)

P.J. Bremner - California BRE ID - 01968481 (ReMax Top Producers)


What if I'm facing Foreclosure?

One of the scariest things a family can face is foreclosure.  With the big bank threatening to take your home, ruin your credit and set you back financially, we understand how important it is to avoid foreclosure at all costs.  Fortunately, we have a solution.  By bringing a cash offer to the table, we have the leverage to stop the foreclosure process and help you get back on track financially.

A family member recently passed away and we inherited the property.  How do we avoid the headaches of listing it?

The last thing you want to deal with after losing a family member is the headache that comes with owning another property.  We know that costs can pile up quickly: electricity, gas, water, repairs, mortgage payments, insurance, property tax, etc.  The liability can be significant as well since vacant homes are easy targets for burglary and vandalism.  We can help by buying your property in as-is condition, no repairs or clean up necessary.

I have a rental property, but have had horrible luck with tenants.  How can you help me?

As investors, we have had our fair share of bad tenants too.  We feel your pain!  We will buy your property in as-is condition, tenants included; costs and frustration of retail selling avoided.

What other situations can you help with?

Whether it's tax liens, city building code violations or just about any other situation you can come up with, we can find a solution for you.